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It seems that every woman desires something beautiful.  Just the other day I drove past a house–a home–which was surrounded by ugliness.  Ugly pieces of equipment such as old, rusty vehicles, stacks of tree limbs, stumps and wood, and piles of dirt.  The house was a rusty, beat-up looking trailer.  But there, in the yard, was a rose bush.  A pretty, red rosebush, blooming to provide a bright spot in all the ugliness around it.

For me, kids are like flowers. Especially grand-kids. I love watching them grow and bloom, filling my life and their world with such beauty, each one distinct and filled with love.  There is nothing like a child who finds joy in any little thing, and children who are filled with intense wonder as they discover the world around them bring loveliness to ugly places, and shine light in the darkness of lives.

In a world that is often harsh and unsightly, children and flowers brighten our lives and bring laughter and hope.  Thank God for grand-kids and flowers.

2 thoughts on “Flowers and Grand-kids in my Backyard.

  1. When I built y new home at Marmaduke Mom asked me what kind of flowers I was going to plane, when I told her none, that I was planting shrubs your would have thought I had insulted her! We were out side the nursing home and she said, “I don’t know how they can call this a flower bed, there is not a bloom anywhere!”. I had to laugh.

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