I’m just curious—what is with the love affair America has with celebrities?

Celebrities are just people doing a job, which happens to be entertainment. They entertain us. They make us laugh. They make us cry. They make us feel. All by pretending to be something they aren’t or someone they aren’t.  Or by singing a song.

They are in front of us. Constantly. Very seldom—probably never—do I see a news program without a story about a celebrity. We see their faces on clothes, bags, magazines, social media, everywhere. We hear about them in conversations and hold conversations about them. And we don’t even know them. It seems that our lives are consumed by unreal characters played by people we don’t even know.

We hear about the personal lives of these celebrities continually. Who is flirting with whom? Who is dating whom? Who is getting a divorce and why? Who gets the kids? Who cares? Obviously, a lot of people do. Many revel in keeping up with the activities of their favorite entertainer and cheer for them as they award each other accolades and pat each other on the back for a job well done.

People have always wanted—have needed—to be entertained. Jesters, games, competitions, dances, books and later movies have entertained us for centuries. After a day or week of hard work or the stresses of life, we like to go to a movie. Perhaps watching the stories on screen allows us to forget our own lives for a moment as we spend our emotions on stories that are not our own.

Still, I can’t help but wonder why we put them up on a pedestal, why we believe them when they offer their less than expert opinions about things that concern us, and why we care so much about their lavish lifestyles paid for by our love for entertainment, lifestyles that most of us will never attain, no matter how hard we work at our jobs that are just as important as their jobs.

I’m just curious.

11 thoughts on “America’ s love affair with celebrities-Why?

  1. Everyday people have menial lives, or so many of them think. they go to work or school, then when they get home they turn on their media of choice. Everyday people glamourize celebrities to enrich their own lives. It is simple, really. Since celebrities are put in front of society’s face, society then sees a connection.

    There is a bond, albeit an invisible bond, between celebrity and the people who love them.

    It is a symbiotic relationship, society falls in love with the celebrity du jours, the celebrity needs the fan base and continues to put himself or herself in the face of society.

    The pedestal people put the celebrities is a precarious one, and each celebrity must perform a balancing act to keep their fans happy or they fall from the grace of being liked by their audience.

    Now, why do people insist that the celebrities they love are expected to live by a certain standard, I think, is the real question here. It is as if once a person attains celebrityhood, they too are expected to not be the human they once were, and become what the media pretends they are.

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    1. I can see what you are saying. I sure don’t want to be a celebrity, and I don’t want to put them on a pedestal where they might fall. I do hate it when they become so ‘big’ they can’t be touched.

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  2. I always had the same question. While I might try to understand why people obsess with celebrities, I often wonder why they spend hours watching reality TV about families who have no talent or about housewives who have nothing positive to contribute. Great post and question.

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  3. I’ve recently begun to ask myself the same question. I’d be far more interested in hearing about their contributions to mankind. Their personal lifestyles have nothing to do with me. That is not the world I live in.

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  4. Good question! I don’t know why but I just know I’m sick of a lot of them voicing their opinions on the candidates in the Presidential election. And still at it. Our views are just important as theirs. What happened to the secret ballot? I like a good movie but yes that’s their job to entertain us. I wish TV shows were like they used to be. Good clean entertainment.

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    1. That’s good. I grew up in a home without TV and then married a man who thought he couldn’t live without one. That was hard on me, because I was accustomed to conversing with family members and I hated having to wait for a commercial to talk. 🙂

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