Enemies of our soul: Laziness

Laziness is surely an enemy of our soul and can hide in places we don’t realize.
Laziness involves a lack of motivation. I consider myself a hard worker, yet I know that in some ways I am lazy. This is not good.  For example, when I was 15 I started learning to play the guitar. I worked at it so hard, finding time any way I could to practice. It was a top priority in my life.

However, when I conquered the basic chords, I slacked off my practice. In time I learned the chords I needed to play songs I wanted to play, but I didn’t work to learn all of them. I slacked off more and more, then I started to learn the piano. I was the same way with that instrument, working hard at first, then becoming more and more slack in my practice. In fact, after a while I completely quit playing the guitar and only played the piano when I needed to. Now that is laziness.

I probably could have been a pretty good musician had I practiced. As it is, I am a poor to mediocre musician. Now my granddaughter has requested me to play a song on the guitar at her wedding and I’m just hoping I can do it. But first I have to dig the guitar out of my closet and start working on it, right?

We can be lazy in different areas such as being a good friend, taking care of our family responsibilities, our speech mannerisms, eating habits, self-improvement, or building and retaining our relationship with God. According to research, 78% of Americans don’t meet the daily requirements for physical activity. Instead, many people are watching television and/or playing with smartphones. The same goes for reading God’s word and spending time in prayer. We all know that is what keeps us spiritually healthy, but how much time do we spend in the presence of God versus keeping socially informed on social media?

Married people are often lazy about maintaining a good marriage. It takes work, folks, to keep a marriage in good shape. We have to give, give, give, and forgive, forgive, forgive. However, it’s much easier to divorce that stinker and move on to another one. Divorce is rampant in our society, and just as rampant in the church as it is outside the church.

Parents are often lazy when it comes to disciplining their children. It takes work to consistently teach our children what is appropriate behavior and what is not. We are so busy making money so we can have things that we pass the job of discipline off to the babysitter and to the schools. It’s our job to teach our children manners, respect, work ethics and morals. It is not the job of the school or the babysitter. When did it happen that big houses filled with beautiful furniture, nice cars and expensive vacations became more important than the proper raising of the children by the parents?

As a former teacher, I witnessed the laziness and lack of motivation in students. Multiple times after a test I asked for a show of hands of those who studied for the test. It was unusual for more than 20% to admit they studied, and most of those spent less than 20 minutes studying according to their own admission. In higher grades, an alarming amount of students skip class, and those who do show up for class tend to care less about their grades. Most aren’t interested at all in taking notes during a lesson. In could be that some of them learned at home to be lazy. Or not.

The Bible has much to say about laziness. It’s bad. It will keep us from living a victorious life. It will prevent us from being all we can be. It will keep us from fulfilling the purpose God has for us. It will make us a bad example for others, especially those who know us well such as our children.

Let’s get up off our blessed assurance and get busy. We need to conquer the enemy of laziness.

Proverbs 10:4: A slack hand causes poverty, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.

3 thoughts on “Enemies of our soul: Laziness

  1. Babs Jarrett April 23, 2017 / 5:46 pm

    So, I don’t consider myself lazy but I know in some respects, I am. For instance, I used to clean house without fail every Friday night after I got off work at Emerson. Now I sometimes don’t dust for 2 weeks. I don’t know if that’s lazy or I am just tired after working all week and like some down time. I sometimes had rather just sit and read a good book instead of getting up and cleaning. I do try to walk every day. I enjoy your blog so much. Makes me think. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • mjwriter April 23, 2017 / 6:14 pm

      I appreciate your comments on my blogs and posts. You’re not lazy. I know that as became older I didn’t have the energy to work all day then come home and work more. I liked to come home and crash. You’re just tired.


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