Enemies of our soul: Lack of commitment

When it comes to enemies that seek to destroy us, lack of commitment is a biggie. Why is it so hard for some to commit to something? Whether it is making good grades at school, church attendance, relationships, a job, or reaching an important goal, lack of commitment can bring about failure, hurt, and disappointment time and time again.

Many students miss out on opportunities to have a successful career by refusing to commit. They don’t make time to study and to do the work needed to complete the work demanded. When you start college, the goal is–at least should be–to earn a degree. This doesn’t come easy. It takes hours of attending classes, study, and homework, and full investment of your time and ability. You may have to attend classes you hate and put up with bad teachers, but if you are commitment, you can earn that degree and have a career and a sense of accomplishment.

Lack of commitment can be devastating  in a relationship. When you refuse to commit whether it is a friendship or a love relation, you lose and others lose. To commit, you need to remove your dependence on your partner and realize your self-worth so you know you can depend on yourself. Then you can help your partner remove his or her dependence on you. When you are open with each other and trust each other, you will find commitment much easier.

Commitment in a relationship provides safety and security so couples can express their thoughts, feelings, and desires openly. When they’re committed, they have the confidence they’ll make it through the day-to-day challenges and life’s pressures which can tear a relationship apart.

Commitment offers couples a sense of being part of a team, a desire for a future together and a desire to sacrifice for each other. An individual’s commitment to the relationship makes it a priority.

Another area needing more commitment is parenting. It takes hard work to be a consistent, fair, involved parent, especially when both parents work outside the home. It’s even more stressful when multiple children have multiple activities in multiple places. You have to deal with pressures of school which sometimes involves teachers who do not value your little one the same as you, bullies who send your child home crying, and continual requests for costly materials and time consuming projects. It takes work to provide consistent discipline so your little dear will grow up able to deal with an unfair, inconsistent world.

Other important areas where commitment is needed is on the job, church attendance, and activities in which we’re involved. When we take a job it’s our responsibility to be on time and to do the work we’re assigned to do. When we attend a church, other people are counting on us to be there and to participate. If we are involved in an activity, again, others are counting on us to make the activity a success.

Someone said, “Love doesn’t mean anything if you are not willing to commit.” The Psalmist David says, Commit your way to the Lord, trust in him, and he will bring it to pass.Psalm 37:5

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