Bermuda Grass

grass roots

Who would have thought I would learn something from digging Bermuda grass out of my garden? Anyone who has dealt with Bermuda grass in a cotton patch or a garden knows it is a difficult grass to remove. I remember as a kid watching Mom dig up the stuff and throw it completely out of the garden. When I asked her why, she explained that if you leave one little piece lying on the ground, it will grow. This kind of grass was dreaded by all cotton choppers.

Bermuda grass is extremely hardy and will grow just about anywhere. Not only that, but the roots form a network under the soil making it hard to remove every bit, and if you don’t remove every little root and every little piece of grass, it continues to grow and expand, producing new grass. Soon you have Bermuda grass choking out all your tomatoes, peppers, green beans and everything else you hope to harvest for your dinner table.

This reminds me of sin people allow in their lives. We deal with the big sins—you know, like murder, worshiping graven images, covetousness, and lying. These sins are like crabgrass, chop, chop, expose them to the sun (Son), and they’re dead.  But too often we leave little roots intact, and soon a network has formed in our souls and problems are cropping up everywhere. We must deal with the roots.

For instance, if we don’t deal with the root of anger or unforgiveness, soon a strong root of bitterness grows inside us. If we leave a little root of jealously, it can grow into a monster that can easily destroy us, our family, and our home. Likewise, when we fail to completely remove that little piece of fear from our soul we can be completely controlled and overcome by fear. The same goes for gossip, laziness, ungratefulness, and many other sins that begin small but can grow into major trouble for us.

Folks, we must remove the roots and throw the whole bit completely out of the gardens of our hearts!

3 thoughts on “Bermuda Grass

  1. Sally Shepard June 12, 2017 / 10:11 pm



  2. Babs Jarrett June 2, 2017 / 9:28 pm

    Love your blogs!


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