How does God see me?


When it comes to our relationship with God, I wonder how differently we would feel if we truly understood how God sees us? As humans, relationships are important to us. We want to know that our spouses care about us. We want—even need—them to consider us their top priority right after God with everything else following. We desire to be treated with respect and honor by our loved ones. We want them to show us that we are important to them.

We are taught that God is to be our top priority. We are taught to love, honor and obey Him. We know that He loved us enough to give His Son as a sacrifice to pay the debt of our sin. That’s a lot of love.

But do we understand how much God loves us? Do we understand who we are to Him? Who He created us to be? We say things like, ‘I’m just a sinner’ or I’m not worthy of anything.’ The truth is, in and of ourselves we are not worthy. There’s nothing we can ever do to earn the grace of God. We are made worthy by the blood of Jesus Christ alone. Thank God, grace is free for everyone. Another truth is, once our sins have been washed away by the blood of Jesus, we are no longer sinners. In Romans 5:19 Paul writes that by one man, Adam’s, disobedience, all men were made sinners, and by the obedience of one man, Jesus Christ, many are made righteous. The difference here is a choice. All men are born with a sinful nature, but those who choose to accept the atoning blood of Jesus Christ for the redemption of sin have a nature transformation. They no longer have a sin nature, but now have the nature of God. Therefore, they are no longer sinners.

It is with a false humility that one says, ‘I’m just a sinner.’ Paul says we are made free from sin and are now ‘servants of righteousness’ (Romans 6:18). Yes, we recognize our weaknesses, but we must just as readily recognize the price paid to free us from sin. How would you feel if a child you adopted as your own said to everyone, “Oh, I’m just adopted.”? Wouldn’t you rather hear your child say, ‘I’m the son/daughter of ____ and ____ (the parents). How it must please God when we declare we are the children of the Most High God.

The Children of Israel continually forgot, or disregarded, God’s promises to them. They were His people and His love for them was immense. Yet they participated in the sins of those who did not know God, causing God to take measures to bring them back to Himself and His protection. Their sins caused them to become degraded in the eyes of other nations. The writer lamented that “the gold has become dim” and “the precious sons of Zion . . . are esteemed as earthen pitchers (Lamentations 4:1-2). How sad when God’s own children partake in sinful actions that make them look just like others who do not know God. How can true Christians equate themselves with those who do not know God by labeling themselves the same? Please, let us recognize who we are to God.

Let us look into His Word to see a few ways He sees us. We are called the ‘body of Christ’ (Ephesians 4:16). In Romans we learn that God is for us (8:31). In Deuteronomy we are told that when we listen and obey God, we are the head and not the tail (28:13). Zephaniah reveals that God delights in us, and even sings over us (3:17). How awesome is that? Colossians says we are seated in heavenly places in Christ. These are only a small portion of verses that reveal how much God loves us and how He sees us.

It is my hope that you will declare over yourself what the Word of God says about you.


3 thoughts on “How does God see me?

  1. silverliningsblog December 12, 2017 / 2:46 pm

    I find myself wishing often that God would just appear and tell me whether he’s happy with my choices or not. I wonder if He would be as hard on me as I am.
    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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