Merry Christmas

Christmas star aaron-burden-170493.jpg  Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Today we celebrate  the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. On that day many years ago, the angels sang in celebration as they informed a group of shepherds of the event. The shepherds celebrated when they found the Christ child, then they shared the wonderful news with others. Since that time, people have celebrated this wonderful event year after year in many different ways. Today we call the celebration Christmas. We put up lights, showing Jesus is the Light and we are the lights of the world. We give gifts to represent the ultimate gift God gave to us–His own Son–for our redemption.

The attention of the world is drawn to Jesus Christ during this holiday, even when some attempt to pull the attention to other things. This is a season of joy, love, and peace, which exemplifies the character of Jesus.

Merry Christmas to all. For those who have not accepted God’s gift, Jesus, all you must do is believe and confess Him as the Son of God and invite Him into your heart. What a wonderful way to celebrate!

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