Friend of God!

We cannot earn anything from God. Isn’t that amazing? If we could work to earn the promises we have from Him, then God would be indebted to us, and He isn’t. Positively, absolutely, never. He owes us nothing. We have salvation through Jesus Christ, and salvation includes all we need to live a successful life. It’s called GRACE.

Not only that, but Jesus said, “I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you” John 15:15. I am a friend of God!

Also, we are able to share in His divine nature. (2 Peter 1:4). How awesome is that? That means all that the King is, and all that the King does, is in me. I am seated in Heavenly places through Christ.

I can hide under His mighty wings when trouble comes, because He is my refuge. Sometimes it seems that every stupid thing I’ve ever done pops up in my memory, making me feel humiliated and dumb. People may think of me as stupid or unimportant, but God looks at me as the apple of His eye. The scriptures say he sings over me and I make him smile. If he doesn’t see me as stupid, I shouldn’t think of myself like that. I need only remember how much He loves me. He is my friend, and I am His friend. Thank you, Jesus!

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