Time management is important for everyone, including writers. We often have to make time to write, and it’s important for us to use the time doing that in place of giving in to the temptation of doing wasteful things. If I’m not careful, my fingers sneak that curser right over to Facebook.

Some points in the article:

  • When traveling or waiting, use the time to read, write, or plan.
  • Accept and transcend past failures.
  • Take charge. Master your time. Don’t let others control your life.
  • Effectiveness, efficiency, and control are the secrets behind time management.
  • Set priorities by eliminating unimportant tasks.
  • Organize your life. Know what you want and use time wisely to pursue it.
  • Manage sleeping time. Sleep enough hours to rest, but not more than is needed.
  • Learn to live one day at a time.
  • Make the most of every good opportunity.
  • Understand God’s will and seek to fulfill it. Our time should be His

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