About MJ

self photoI have always enjoyed writing, and publishing a novel has been a lifelong dream. I am an avid reader and have  always written things: poetry, songs, puppet scripts, clown scripts, Sunday school materials, Christmas plays, etc. As a church youth teacher and youth director for years, I wrote skits for young people to perform, and my sisters and I sang and did puppet shows with puppets we created. Modified is my first novel.

I taught junior high and high school for 21 years and taught classes at a local division of the Bible college where I earned a Bachelors and a Master’s degree in Biblical Studies.

Growing up in a large family with four older sisters and seven brothers, three older, three younger, and one the same age, has provided lots of material for my stories. My brothers and I spent many hours playing on the hills and on the red sandbank depicted in Modified, and I learned to swim in a creek that ran across my family’s property.

My husband and I enjoy spending time with our two daughters and their families. Two of our granddaughters share with me the love of books and of reading.

We enjoy country living and like to garden, play with our dog Roxy, feed the wildlife that comes into our back yard, and run-around.  We volunteer at local food banks and enjoy being involved in church with our church family.