Books by Martha (MJ) Rodriguez

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When two baby groundhogs are suddenly orphaned the forest community pitches in to help with the little ones. Finding themselves living with caring individuals who are different from themselves is hard, but Leo and Lesha want to adapt.

This book shows empathy for both children and foster parents who are faced with the task of learning to adapt to each other. Chapter book, 2-3 grade level

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Link to Foster Care to Success



Benny doesn’t want to share his food or his toys. How can Sammy convince him to share with his friends? This book helps children learn that sharing is part of being a friend. For information on Teaching kids to share click here

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When some younger birds make fun of Beatrice Blue Jay because she is loud, they learn she is loud for a reason.

These young ones have a lesson to learn about respect and inconsiderate behavior. Can they right the wrong they have done? For information on Building empathy in children click here

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Is Hanna Hummingbird a bully? She doesn’t think she is, but her friend, Marcos, has a different opinion when he sees how she treats other hummies. Can he help her see her behavior as he sees it?

This story helps children value others, increases empathy, and gives them confidence to help others who are being bullied.  To purchase your copy click here.

Click for  Facts for kids about bullying

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Korie Kitty has trouble making friends and thinks no one likes her. Benito Butterfly wants to help by encouraging her to be kind.

This fun story helps children develop skills necessary to make friends and to be a friend. A list of ways to make new friends is included. Read The Dangers of Loneliness here.

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Cover  Rusty Rabbit has a conundrum.  His friends treat him differently since he started wearing glasses. How can he make them see him as the same friend he has always been instead of a weakling or a weirdo?

This story shows children how to handle teasing from their friends and how it feels to be teased. It also helps them empathize with others who are different from themselves.  To order your copy click here. Here is more information for Helping children deal with teasing   Children and teasing


Morey has a dream to be the best singer in the world, but his nightly practice gets him into trouble at home and at school. He doesn’t want to disappoint his parents or his teacher, but he can’t make his dream come true if he doesn’t practice. How can Morey get his priorities straight and still realize his dream?

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To find information about Helping children with priorities click here.



She calls herself Thin Girl. Some make fun of her, but she learns she doesn’t have to be thin to be a hero.

This rhyming book is great for a read-along or read-aloud for K-2nd grades.

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Sixteen-year-old Pepper Causey is the only girl amid her seven rowdy, prankster brothers. Fed up with poverty, country life, and her brothers’ shenanigans, Pepper feels stuck and longs to escape. She finds temporary relief in a support group called CARE, but even that doesn’t give her the freedom she desires. Then, she meets Stoney, a hippie boy who promises her the world. His love has a price, though – one that Pepper is not sure she wants to pay.

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Busy Arlo, Book two of the Life in the Trees series.

Arlo is busy and always in trouble. That’s why his teacher doesn’t like him. She sends him to the the nurse who talks to him about taking his medicine. Can she help him see things differently?

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Tips to help children take ADHD meds


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Goodbye,  Abuelita Book one of the Life in the Trees series.

Rosita and Ricardo Raccoon love to visit their grandma and are brokenhearted when she suddenly dies. Mom, Dad, and the two little Raccoons comfort one another and share memories of Abuelita as they deal with the grief of losing a loved one. The parents learn to be honest with their children about death and the children learn that death is part of life as they say Goodbye, Abuelita. Click here to order your copy.          Child Grieving


Buster doesn’t feel courageous even though his pal, Feisty Flea, encourages him to be brave. A good book for early readers or a read-aloud, this book teaches children to change their thinking and their behavior to become brave even when they don’t feel brave.

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Teach your child to be brave

BookCoverImageWhip or Rill   Book one of the Life in the Leaves series.

Whip hates the name his friends have tagged on him and hates that he can’t sing. Will singing lessons help? Or will he always sound like the whip used by the farmer? Order your book here to learn the fate of Whip.

Teaching kids to persist


Modifiedcover  5 Who are the men lurking around her house?  And what has happened to Gramps?

Adalei is on the run. Gramps is the only family Adalei has ever known, and he has suddenly disappeared.  When two men come knocking on her door then Gramps shows up only to be chased away by the two guys, she knows she has to get out. Hiding out in the woods is no longer an option, and Adalei must risk heading out alone to find Gramps. To add to her distress, she sees a woman on TV who could be an older version of her. How could a complete stranger have the same red, curly hair, freckles and dimples she sees in the mirror every day? Who are the men seeking her? To get your copy of Modified, click here!


Adalei is on another adventure, but again, not by her choice. Torn between a surprising relationship with a crazy aunt and the desire to go back home, Adalei is plunged into a frantic trip across the country. Will her life ever return to normal?  Will she ever go back to her quiet, rural life with Gramps?  To get your copy of Rectified, the sequel to Modified, click here!



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Designed to encourage teens to think before they date, this book is ideal for teenagers who are nearing the dating age or who are already dating. It is also a good resource for those who teach or work with teens. To get your copy of It Pays to be Picky, click here.

contents-box More information on dating