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Being an only girl with seven rowdy brothers makes country life rough for sixteen-year-old Pepper. She is sick and tired of the annoying and down-right embarrassing pranks of her brothers. Plus, she resents having to compete with them for the attention and love she craves from her too-strict dad and feeling like a second-rate family member because she’s ‘just a girl’. Enters Stoney, a cute hippy who offers her a ride to a place where she is promised unconditional love and acceptance. But that love may not be unconditional.

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Whip or Rill   Book one of the Life in the Leaves series.

Whip hates the name his friends have tagged on him and hates that he can’t sing. Will singing lessons help? Or will he always sound like the whip used by the farmer? Order your book here to learn the fate of Whip.


Modifiedcover  5 Who are the men lurking around her house?  And what has happened to Gramps?

Adalei is on the run. Gramps is the only family Adalei has ever known, and he has suddenly disappeared.  And now, for reasons unknown to her, two strangers are after her. Hiding out in the woods is no longer an option, and Adalei must risk heading out alone to find Gramps. Will she find him? Could she have ties to the woman she sees on TV who looks like her? Who are the men seeking her?   To get your copy of Modified, click here!


Adalei is on another adventure, but again, not by her choice. Torn between a surprising relationship with a crazy aunt and the desire to go back home, Adalei is plunged into a frantic trip across the country. Will her life ever return to normal?  Will she ever go back to her quiet, rural life with Gramps?  To get your copy of Rectified, the sequel to Modified, click here!



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Designed to encourage teens to think before they date, this book is ideal for teenagers who are nearing the dating age or who are already dating. It is also a good resource for those who teach or work with teens. To get your copy of It Pays to be Picky, click here.